ShelbiShelbi Joseph was born in Mulanthuruthy, south of India, a country of millenary cultures and exuberant nature, surrounded by coconut palms, pepper and vanilla vines, rubber and nutmeg plantations.

For the past eight years he has been living in southeastern Mexico, on the opposite side of the world. Another place rich in traditions and ancient cultures.

Shelbi, a tireless traveler, has extensively toured with his camera capturing vibrant and bright colors, a wide range of people, landscapes, smells and tastes that he transmits in his frames.

He has succeeded to capture with his lens the mood of the people, the colors, the life of these magic lands, sometimes mysterious and engaging.

In his photos he evokes life, beauty, humour or the delicacies, the tragedy or fascination, also making social contributions.

Through his images, the viewer feels different moods, which in turn lead to a variety of interpretations.

His knowledge of optics and color, design and composition, chiaroscuro and the play of light makes his images dynamic, transmitting different types of action and symbols. He makes us see history, the force of life.

The photos of  Shelbi covers various topics: from different aspects of cultures, landscapes, details, chronicles of his travels, but his most powerful and interesting images are of people; has a strong interest in human expressions and their contexts.

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